By: Dennis Kim

I have worked with Adam for many years in the real estate business. He has consistently provided experienced and no-nonsense advice and has made suggestions that has saved me substantial sums of money and has given me peace of mind. He is a trusted advisor and strong client advocate I would recommend to everyone

By: Krystle Khadim

Adam's extensive knowledge and experience in the Toronto real estate market has provided me with such an insightful perspective.

By: Scott Jackson

Adam is a great agent who has helped me grow my business by bringing me the best deals and taking the guess work out of duplexing properties. I highly recommend him if your looking for your own personal residence or investment property.

By: Amir Khan

I'm a former client of Adam Hoffman and I recommend him.

By: Andrej Micic

Adam has a high attention to detail with great focus on providing quality service!

By: Jamie Baker

Great hard working agent with a strong knowledge of Real Estate Investmemt!

By: Francine Campbell

I highly recommend Adam Hoffman as your realtor. I've known him for quite some time and he always delivers. Whenever I need him for something he always messages me back right away.

By: John Beddome

For the years that I’ve know Adam he’s always been super passionate about real estate investing. Very knowledgeable and a great guy!

By: Joe Mancini

I have used Adam Hoffman for over 5 years now. He has provided me with great property analysis, managing advice, and timely information. As a result, I have been able to purchase 5 cash flowing properties. I have referred several happy friends that have done business with him too. I continue to use Adam Hoffman, and highly recommend him. Joe Mancini

By: Moe Hansrod

Adam is trustworthy & hard-working. He’ll definitely be of value to anyone looking to buy, sell or invest.

By: Leo Ambramovich

Adam is super knowledgeable in the Real Estate Space. Especially when it comes to income properties.

By: Kasey Wong

Adam Hoffman is an expert at student rentals! Having been in this business for several years. Adam has helped market my building and provides landlords like myself valuable insight to student housing trends and helped me avoid several pitfalls.

By: Trish Montag

When I think about Thornhill real estate my first call is to Adam Hoffman. He has a ton of energy and it shows in the service he provides. I rate him five large shiny starts for his passion!

By: Victor Facchini

Very thorough and accommodating. Recommend having him on your side.

By: Samuel Taylor

Adam has had the most profound impact on my real estate journey, from buying my first home to investing in real estate to managing rental properties this guy is my go to.

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